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We are pleased to add Armando to our 2017 Spring Summer Junior Pandas Coaching Team! 

Armando holds an Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma (Coach and Trainer) from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA), specialized in goalkeeper development and training. He holds the Provincial C-License from the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA). Armando has trained more than 600 goalkeepers in Alberta since 2007 in the Edmonton region. 

In addition, Armando has international experience coaching for the SoccerPlus Residential Camp in Fullerton, California, and he is already committed to participate with SoccerPlus in Boston in August 2017.  Furthermore, Armando has experience training at the National level in Canada with the Canadian Soccer Association, participating by invitation in one of their camps for the National Women’s Excel (NEX) program. 

Armando has developed his training methodology for goalkeepers (named GOALKING methodology), based on his professional experience, following the training guidelines “Goalkeeping Manual” developed by The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), combining it with the “Long Term Player Development” model (LTPD) of the Canadian Soccer Association, and the curriculum instructed by the international National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) under the “Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma”. 


  • CSA-NCCP - C License Coach Trained
  • NSCAA - Advanced National Goalkeeper Coach and Trainer
  • NSCAA - Coach Level 1 Diploma
  • GOALKING - Professional Goalkeeper Training Program

Coaching Experience

  • CSA/ASA - Regional Women's Excel (REX) Goalkeeper Coach and Trainer

Playing Experience

  • Armando is a former professional soccer player in Mexico for the team LEON FC. 

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