2017 Junior Pandas Spring/Summer Program Overview

The University of Alberta Pandas Soccer Program is pleased to offer Y3 the Junior Pandas Soccer Program. This High Performance Player Development Opportunity is geared toward advanced players enteringGrades 10 to 12 & University Players as of September 2017.

The mission of the Junior Pandas Soccer Program is to develop female athletes to be future leaders in women’s soccer. We envision each leader to be an athlete who excels at the USports (formerly the Canadian Interuniversity Sport/CIS) level of soccer.

While a high level of performance provincially and nationally is expected of our athletes, excellence is measured by our athletes’ long-term development rather than by their record of wins and losses. The final progamming isdynamic and will be dtermined as summer personnelle is confirmed. We are pleased to share with you the following objectives in the programming.


1. Player Roster:

The Junior Pandas will look to take a roster of 20 - 30 players comprised of:

2. Coaching Staff:

The Junior Pandas Soccer Program has a team of coaches who mentor and support each other. They’ve “been there” as athletes and as coaches, and share these experiences amongst themselves to help their own learning and growth in their capacity asJunior Pandas Soccer Programcoaches.

Our coaching team promotes the Pandas Soccer philosophy. Our perspective of complete athlete development (physical, mental and technical training) versus winning is what drives coaching plans. Our coaches set individual and team goals and provide individual and team feedback. Throughout each season, coaches communicate openly and honestly with their athletes.

A major undertaking of our program is to create an environment for an athlete that is intensive in the absence of fear. We want our athletes to feel safe, supported, able to take risks and at the same time to be intense, purposeful and mindful of the implications of the choices (and errors) that they will make.

3. Programming:

The following information is preliminary and subject to change.

The Junior Panda player commitment will be an average of 5 sessions per week. Athletes may opt to participate in other activities however with the understanding that our sessions are the priority of the athlete. In the case of conflict with another personal undertaking (work, training and games for other teams/sports etc.), the program expectation is that the player attend the Junior Pandas event.

The program is user based for fees. Please seeJunior Pandas Soccer Program Fees for detailed information.

The development of the athletes will be based upon an average of five sessions per week. This will be comprised of:

~ Team Training

~ Physical Training

~ Mental Skills and/or Nutrition Education

~ 11 vs 11 Compeitions such as: Festival / Tournament Play,Exhibition Game Play, EDSA Women’sPremier League Play)

4. Facilities:

Training will take place across a variety of facilities such as:

~ University Soccer Specific Facilities:Campus St. Jean, Foote Field Premier Field andArtificial Field ( the“Dome” in the Winter), Lister Field, East Fields, and the Butterdome

~ University General Facilities: Main Gym, Education Gym, and the High Performance Regional Training Centre

~ Edmonton and surrounding area Facilities:Commonwealth Field Turf,St. FX Gym , Edmonton Indoor Soccer Fields, and City of Edmonton Gyms.



Please contact the following Junior Pandas Soccer Coaching Staff leads for further information:

JRSPOCHead CoachDhee Govender(dheego23@gmail.com)

JRSPOCManagerChrista Cruthers(jrpsoc@gmail.com)

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